Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LATISM needs a new logo

So as you look at the above logo what do you think? Does it really convey Latinos in Social Media (Latism)? As you may or may not know, Latinos In Social Media is the first organization to assemble social media professionals and non-professionals that produce and consume Latino-based content. Throughout the past 2 years they've held conferences, award ceremony's and about the best Twitter parties ever.

Well now they need your input. Should LATISM change is logo? I mean really think about this one, especially if you're involved with marketing at your job. Here's an organization which assembles all of "us" and spreads the message that Latinos do indeed use social media. In my opinion the Latism logo should represent Latinos/Hispanics across the globe (not just in the U.S.) and social media. What that looks like? Well I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be the above. Again just my opinion. Vibrant colors? Iconic Latino symbol? Is there even a social media symbol? To vote and answer why, visit their poll page here.

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