Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two years later the hisPANIC lives

My blog has officially turned two years old! Two years ago I ventured on a writing journey I never imagined would turn into what it is today. Of course I do not get paid for any of this nor do I even care; I blog because I love to write and share information. What has changed in the past year? Well I started getting pitched more and I have three weekly blog columns. Wednesday = Tweets of the Day, Thursday = That Really Grinds my Gears and Friday = That Really DOESN'T Grind My Gears. Should I do more?

So again thank you to all the supporters and remember to COMMENT! I love commenting on blogs and starting conversations. Below are some of my most memorable posts from year two (again thank you):
  1. Yummm...Dominican Food
  2. Our kids are overweight
  3. Omega Phi Beta Believes in Dreams
  4. Up...to South America?
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