Monday, October 4, 2010

What's your positive story?

We're all tired of reading negative Hispanic stories right? It's even worse when you just lost your job, house, car, a loved one or something that just takes over your life. In addition to Being Latino's #LatinosDoingTheirThing, Amway is launching the Positivity Project Contest. This online program provides an opportunity for individuals to share stories about how the “Power of Positive” has changed their lives or the life of someone they know. As if posting a positive story isn't enough, of course there's an incentive!

Amway invites you to share your power of positive story, and enter to win the $10,000 grand Positivity Prize or one of nine $2,500 Positivity Prizes - all intended to help you advance the power of positive in your life, your community and your world. Your story could answer one of the following questions, or it could be about something entirely different but equally as powerful. Hurry because the last day for submissions is October 17.

Post your positive story on Amway's Facebook page.
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