Friday, November 19, 2010

1 Year Ago

One year ago Gamma Phi Sigma hosted their 5th Annual Stroll Competition and wow what can I say. I believe it was the biggest turn out we had for a stroll show ever! The show was also held at Temple University's Mitten Hall which holds hundreds of people; there were also a good number of people standing up throughout the area. Why was this show memorable? Because we raised funds to support the American Cancer Society and our hermano Ramon Ernesto "Guatu" Baez. Although he is no longer here we know he is somewhere looking after us; his spirit lives on.

Last year's show also brought the Multicultural Greek Council (MGC) together to perform a Unity Stroll. Although it was a lot of work and practice, the performance was great; I personally loved the skit ;). It's unfortunate the stroll most likely will never ever be performed again, it was great uniting our strolls and performing for the crown. See you all esta noche.
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