Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 years ago

Three years ago the stroll show had to continue and we wanted to make it different. Our usual supporters came and this year Chi Iota Pi made a come back. So what was special about this year? I actually believe it was the year we introduced the "Battle of the Sexes" theme. Because we wanted to shake things up a bit, we allowed the top sorority and top fraternity compete in the final round for a chance to be the top winner. But that wasn't the only memorable moment of the show *wink*. I was also happy because my family came out to this show; they never came back lmao. Why do I love this flier? Because Greeks LOVE to compare themselves with heroes, so we gave them the opportunity to choose a hero to represent their organizations -_-.

If you think organizing a stroll event is easy, please think again. Confirming organizations, last minute drop-outs, last minute fill-ins, judging, time management, commitment and everything else you can think of when planning an event can go wrong. However, you have to have a team behind you; it can't be done alone. See you el viernes!
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