Monday, November 15, 2010

5 years ago

Five years ago Gamma Phi Sigma started one of the greatest traditions on the East Coast...the annual stroll show at Temple University. And it was all because one brother attended a SILK stroll show in NYC. First, he wanted to perform at the annual event in NYC, but also wanted to recreate it in Philly. And sure enough I helped him with the show and we were actually the only two brothers to perform that evening! Should out to the ROBOT and RUN IT stroll :).

Shout out to all past participants. Fun fact: Chi Upsilon Sigma has been the only organization to consistently perform for the past six years. We thank you for all the support these past years and are looking forward to this year's performance. And I just realized the first time we hosted this event, we started at 9 p.m. Talk about a late night event.
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