Monday, November 8, 2010

Dance like a pro

Okay well dancing like a pro might take some time, now is your chance to learn how. Fuego Dance Company is proud to announce their winter salsa lessons. But of course it doesn't come without a price...a low one. For $10 a lesson, join four salsa instructors from one of the best dance companies in the region and learn to dance like the pro you want to be. Sooner or later you'll be showing them off at Isla Verde, Tierra Colombiana, Brasils...maybe the Atrium? Either way, you know you want to; don't be embarrassed, we all have to learn someday.

Tuesday and Thursdays
6 p.m. Beginners
7:30 p.m. Advanced
4632 Nth 5th Street
Philadelphia Pa, 19140
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