Monday, November 1, 2010

Modern Language for a Modern Family

We all love Sofia Vergara on ABC's Modern Family...given fact. Last week they touched on an issue many immigrants face today and always will: accents. Sure they sound sexy and fun but some people find it uncomfortable to talk because of thick accents; and it's not just Latinos. During the episode Gloria's husband, Jay, tries to talk to her and tell her sometimes people misinterpret her words and things can end badly. However at the end the entire family realize she should not loose her accent because it's who she is.

In corporate America, accents can and should be a good thing! It shows you are bicultural and bilingual. Is it necessary to speak perfect English, you can try, but in the end since you are the liaison between the client and the corporation, you end up winning for translating. Do you think it's necessary to get rid of your accent? Have you ever been insulted because of it?

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