Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BeingLatino will rise (and it did)

A one-day scare can probably be a company's most horrific crisis. Thankfully after god knows how many tweets, Facebook and blog posts, BEING LATINO is back. If there's one thing we learned from this it's that anything on the internet can be deleted...possibly forever. Ask yourself this question, what would you do if Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and any other social network site was deleted. Would you be mad? Why? It didn't exist 7 years ago, so we can just go back to our regular lives right?

Tek Lado magazine got a response from the Facebook team here. An occasional mistake huh? I can only imagine what was going on behind Facebook doors. "OMG the biggest Latino page is gone! Who approved this? Send an e-mail." Again, sure BeingLatino was down for almost a day, but we must remember, social media isn't the beginning or end of the world. See you next year.
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