Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Reflection on a commemorative site

A few weeks ago the President's House commemorative site opened up in Philadelphia. Today I was finally able to walk through it (during my free time). What I found interesting wasn't the site nor the videos, but what I heard people talking about. People were shocked and surprised to see President's Washington house and also about the controversy behind the structure and what was being honored. I also noticed a lot of people pass by as if it was another attraction with no cause. Although YES it is an attraction, it's still a little more than that. It honors not just 9 enslaved Africans, but the idea of struggle within the United States (and that it still exists).

I only hope the National Museum of the American Latino can do the same for Latinos. Walking through the site really made me wonder about us in the U.S. I'm a quote kind of guy so I loved seeing the inspirational quotes. The President's House commemorative site also had a space for reflection which really adds to the entire area.
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