Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Veronica Robles - an inspiration

Today I received a thoughtful gift in the mail that made me truly appreciate the people I meet. Veronica Robles, all around GREAT woman, sent me a copy of her new 2011 calendar and Serenata Guadalupe CD. Veronica is someone everyone should look up to because she loves Latino culture and she finds so many ways to promote our gente. Either through her awesome program "Orale con Veronica" or through her music, she is the definition of a "Latina Doing their thing".

Veronica's mission is to create interest in Mexican and Latin-American Culture and to promote diversity and cultural traditions among general community. While I believe all Latinos should follow this mission, we should find ways of doing it in our own way. I had the pleasure of meeting Veronica this past July during a Philly adventure. She was so full of life and a great combination of professional and friend. Did you know the Mayor of Cambridge proclaimed September 17, 2005 as Veronica Robles Day? If only everyone had a little bit of care in them as much as Veronica does.
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