Monday, December 20, 2010

You're a racist when...

These are probably the most hilarious things I've ever read in a while. Sometimes I think the "general population" doesn't get race anymore. And by race I only mean other ethnicities. Because as we know there is only one race...the human race. Anyways, yes racism exists. Although it might not be as blatant as in the 1960's, but it does exist...just check out some of the comments on a immigrant news article or something that has nothing to do with "them".

One of the few Latino gossip blogs I read, Guanabee, listed their "Top 5 Racists Things I'm Sick of Hearing" and OMG I couldn't have agreed more. The list is as followed:
  1. You're playing the race card
  2. You speak like a white person/you don't have an accent.
  3. You succeeded because of affirmative action
  4. You're not like most Latinos I've known - You're different.
  5. You don't look Mexican
And by god I was so happy to see some of these points made. Even as Latinos we like to pull this card separating ourselves from the rest of the population. So what is it? Is there ever going to be a time we can not only support ourselves, our community and also mainstream America? You let me know.
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