Friday, January 14, 2011

The awesome side of Greek life - Being a neo

Remember last week's awesome side of greek life post? Well we must continue! So what else is awesome about this wonderful world of Greek life, how about being a NEO? You know the feeling when you can FINALLY be social, go out, represent your org, wear your new favorite color and so on. The best part is all the recognition you get. Sure it sounds a little narcissistic but it's great finally getting attention after 8-12 weeks of "education".

I remember crossing SP04 and the first day back at Temple feeling alive. People say things like, "OMG I didn't know you were pledging" and "Congratulations". You then learn to stroll (and step) and learn all those cool things you say during probates. So good luck to SP11 <---doesn't that sound weird. And by SP11 I mean SP2011, I'm sure SP11 is already taken.

p.s. What was your NEO experience like?
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