Friday, January 21, 2011

The awesome side of Greek life - Sister of CUS

I know a lot of people who dismiss the idea of Greek life nowadays, and they are in fact Greek themselves. Although I do strongly believe in "to each his/her own" it's weird to see the reaction I get when you bring up Greek-lettered organizations to older brothers and sisters. However, once in a while you get that one person who just doesn't stop and proves time and time again that their organization is doing things, and so is the person. This week we highlight Chi Upsilon Sigma's @Lauren2Syna.

I've known Lauren for almost seven years now and she is as passionate now as she was in Spring 2004. She has served under many different roles as an undergraduate and graduate sister. Even today she hosts events for her graduate chapter in New York City. She is passionate to her organization and speaks highly of it...sort of makes you want to pledge CUS lol. Lauren is not afraid to speak (or tweet) her mind and keep it real SP04 style. I'm glad to have met her and see she is still as "vibrant" as ever. are the awesome side of Greek life.
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