Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Clever clever T-shirts

Remember when I told you about Tchirts.com, well here's to another round of hilarious shirts! Snorg Tees specialize in pop-culture inspired, random, and all around funny t-shirt designs. Most of the designs on the site are SnorTees employee creations. However, 28% of the design ideas come from the customers. We live in the age of social media and pop culture, it makes the world go round and round (sort of).

Think about a clever quote or something "savvy" from your time and put in on shirt. Examples include:
  • Warning: If Zombies chase us, I'm tripping you
  • That's what she said
  • The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself...and spiders
  • Little Brothers get Luigi
So as you can tell, a lot of the sarcasm comes from things we grew up with! Sign up to get exclusive deals, and don't worry, it's not just t-shirts; I mean it is the winter. Enjoy!
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