Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colombians galore in Philly

Sure Philadelphia is mostly full of Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Dominicans and so on, but there are a good number of other Latino cultures in Philly. And now with the addition of two astounding Colombians in the Philadelphia Union, we're bound to show Philly what we're about. (By we I mean Colombianos). A few weeks ago the Philadelphia Union added Colombian internationals Faryd Mondragon and Carlos Valdes.

A Philly.com writer recently interviewed Univision 65's Julio Largo about the impact this will have on the city. Largo said:
  • For the Colombian community, first of all, it’s an exciting moment. We now have four players on the Philadelphia Union. For us, it shows to the rest of Philadelphia that we are different, that we are a different community. We have excellent people visiting Philadelphia, working in Philadelphia. That is great.

    For the Philadelphia Union, it’s a great moment to have the economic part growing, and the players that they have right now are really exciting.
Hopefully the Union will have a better season this year. Let's cheer them and Philly sports for a great year!
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