Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Latinos use social media...duh

For the past few months all we've been reading about is, "Latinos do use social media" and "Latinos use mobile devices more and more." Clearly this is as obvious as the impending snow storm. However, what I haven't seen are success stories in businesses marketing to the Latino consumer. Sure you can have an ad here and there, but where are the results? I'm pretty sure the answer is out there but why do I have to dig deep.

Public relations is an easy tactic for marketers because all they need is an angle and *poof* you got your news story. However, where are the collaborations, advertisements and research. I ask myself this every time I see a story like the ones linked above. Now that I think about it, cell phone providers can probably give good insight but I haven't read anything about AT&T, Cricket or Boost Mobile lately. I'm glad to know people like @LanceRios, @LouisPagan, @AnaRC, @ERgeekgoddess, @Julito77 and the rest of the "Latinos using social media". I'm pretty sure these influencers are getting e-mails out the "wazzoo" asking, "Please help me."
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