Tuesday, February 1, 2011

1000th Blog Post!

Yes it's cheesy but this is my 1000th blog post! It was in October 2008 when I decided to venture on this journey called blog posting. In the beginning I really only wrote about my life and what I like. Soon it turned into revues of anything remotely Latino and today it's PR professionals pitching little ol' me!

Yes I love to write, and this blog is a really great way to:
  1. Vent some steam
  2. Share with others what I randomly find or what is sent to me
  3. Support our community
So what's in store for the next few years? Who knows. Maybe I might make this blog into a $$ maker; but we all know the drama involved with that. Taxes, net neutrality, blog rights and a whole bunch of other crap I don't want to deal with. Remember to feel free and e-mail me with anything you think I should post. My e-mail is to the right next to mi foto.
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