Tuesday, February 15, 2011

AC Slater's ethnicity

The other day I read a BeingLatino article about the Latinization of A.C. Slater. I found it quite interesting to see the difference about how we see used to watch it and now. In fact, almost the entire Saved by the Bell series was only about "high school" life. There was never anything remotely referencing ethnicity even though you had one African-American and one Chicano in the high school. I truly believe wish we could go back to this era.

The show was about youth and the troubles of being popular, unpopular, cheerleading, jocks and so on. It was obvious that Lisa Turtle was black and AC Slater was Latino, but it was never referenced. If the show had aired in these days, I'm sure the show would bring up ethnicity all the time. However, like the BL article says, when Slater's ethnicity finally came out in the College Days, it was clear it was important to the viewers (and the producers).

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