Friday, February 4, 2011

The awesome side of Greek life - Brother of LSU

Greek life. Once you graduate, it completely changes. You sort of now take a different view on everything, the undergraduate life and many other things. Fraternities seem to have differences more than sororities even after graduating. However, there are those few which are well respected not only because of what they have done for their own organization, but for Greek life entirely. This week's "awesome side of Greek life" goes to J-Romeo, hermano of Lambda Sigma Upsilon, Latino Fraternity, Inc. He's probably one of the people you think of when you hear the words, "stepping, strolling and even LSU." Heck I don't even know his real full name but the guy sure as hell knows what he's doing.

Through his leadership he reinvented the art form of stepping and strolling. His infusion of dance, theatre, and athleticism has given him and his team numerous championships. J-RoMeO is well known for “thinking out the box” and always presenting the Greek and non-Greek community with a performance they have never seen before. He is known for making massive stage productions at step and stroll shows. He works around the clock to have the best music, best outfits, best lighting, and best step or stroll performance. J-Romeo, you are truly the awesome side of Greek life.
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