Thursday, February 3, 2011

BBC: We got a problem

Some of you may have seen the YouTube clip featuring BBC's popular car show, TOP GEAR, where the hosts decide to get a little ummm racist to say the least. According to FoxNewsLatino, the show is stuck in neutral after the controversial comments which led to condemnation by the Mexican ambassador to the United Kingdom and forced the BBC to issue an apology.

First of all, this shouldn't have all. Second, apologies may have been made, but what about the hosts? They knew what they were going to say and they said it anyway without hesitation. Luckily the Mexican ambassador acted quickly and with ease. I'm sure some other people weren't as polite. In fact, I'm sure there were not only numerous complaints but many people attempting to sue.

The BBC pulled the video from Youtube, but the full video can be seen here.
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