Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bullied Latinos?

As I'm reading the March issue of Latina Magazine (for work *cough*) I am shocked about an article titled, "Targeted for being Latino." I guess my thoughts were on "out of school racism" but if it's at school, this is a problem. The National Council of La Raza led a study on discrimination and Latin youth which found that eight out of every 10 Hispanic teens reported facing discrimination, and some said even teachers insulted them. Problem much?

It just hit me that the political climate is really hitting everyone. The article says, "The current media and political climate is a big factor; immigrant- and Latino-bashing are far more common overall, and that's affecting our kids." Apparently it's also worse if you're Latino and gay. If this is getting a little too common, action must be made. I look at all you minority Greek-lettered organizations for support. Fortunately this wasn't the case when I was growing up. Could it be because I grew up in a huge minority populated school? BeingLatino raised the issue a few months ago and came up with some interesting results.
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