Monday, February 7, 2011

Concilio's fancy new website

I love it when organizations launch new websites. It seems like their image and branding turns a whole new level. Even if it isn't the best or greatest, a new website for the technologically enhanced Latino seems appropriate. Founded in 1962, The Council of Spanish Speaking Organizations, Inc. (Concilio) is the oldest Latino organization in Philadelphia and has a well-established reputation as a leader for Latino family services. Our mission is to ensure that equitable social, educational, cultural, prevention/intervention services and programs are made available to the Philadelphia community.

The new website has easy navigation, vibrant colors, easy access to event info and great ways to get involved. There's even a search bar at the top right which was not available on the site before. What's most important is your core values and Concilio clearly defines them through their right side navigation bar. And for the first time, the new site contains photos! Photos are extremely important when building a website, they have to match your content; but remember to update the content. Here's to a new look and new leadership...congrats Concilio.
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