Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Event post: Digital Sex @ 7

So after looking at the above flier I thought, "I wonder how many people put their relationship status' on Facebook, Twitter and so on." Most likely a lot. There are those who fall in love via Facebook then those who get married via Facebook. However, that stirs a whole lot of controversy due to photos, wall posts, events and everything else Facebook does to keep you in check. Is it okay to start a relationship via Facebook and tag every photo you and your GF/BF have? Relationships have clearly been broken due to certain actions over these social networking sites.

I can go on and on about this but if you have an argument, then join my fraternity and Lambda Theta Alpha at next Tuesday's program SEX @ 7 - The Digital Edition. The program will dive into the taboo issue of relationships in the digital age. Event details are on the flier above. Don't be too afraid to voice your opinion. Who knows, you might meet your significant other that night :).
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