Thursday, February 10, 2011

A positive role model

Every now and then I start to blog about mushy subjects. Over the past week I realized as Latinos we don't really compliment ourselves a lot. Sure you get some "good jobs" and "great work" from colleagues and parents, but it usually means a lot when it comes from unexpected people and your closest friends. These are the people we hang around with on a daily basis; the ones we tell our stories and it is natural.

Friends usually talk about regular things like the weekend, family problems, who we're dating and fun stuff (in my experiences). However, it's always nice to hear what we're doing to improve our lives as people. Our business trips, graduations, promotions are the best stories because they are rare. Some people find themselves stuck in on place and end up "settling." We really need to hear more of these stories; it helps us a whole lot. We need these positive role models, young and old, so we can start believing in not just mi gente, but in ourselves.
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