Friday, February 18, 2011

They're back: Sprite Step Off

Soooooooo remember last year's most interesting step competition Sprite Step Off? Well it's back for round two. Unfortunately if you're reading this and interested in registering, you have two days to meet with your team and make sure you are committed; deadline is this Sunday, February 20. Note: only applications and videos submitted through this online process will be eligible. And if you come back to view the list of winners, you'll be able to vote for the semi-finalist Teams February 28, 2011, through March 4, 2011.

Unfortunately last year's winning announcement caused a ripple across the entire country. First Zeta Tau Alpha won the sorority division. Then it was a tie. Then the newspaper headlines read, "race this and race that." I'm pretty sure the only reason this is happening is for more African-Americans to drink Sprite, but none of this would have happened if more "minority" Greek organizations would have entered. I'd like to see more participation this year. Just saying. See you on Youtube in a few months!
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