Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Apparently "Hispanic Studies" isn't important

Earlier today I received an e-mail stating the College of Liberal Arts at Temple University has eliminated the Latin American Studies (LAS) program as of the end of this fiscal year in June. The program will continue as it has through the current spring semester.The major/minor in LAS will now be located and administered by the History Department. Not really sure what that means but I smell restructuring and eventually the LAS program getting "whacked."

I took up Latin American Studies as a minor at Temple because I wanted to learn more about myself and the importance of the community. Although the classes were not what I wanted, it still helped me find importance in who I was and still am. I wonder if Temple took a look at Arizona's attempt to ban ethnic studies. I don't understand how as Census numbers roll out, these things are still happening. From what I gather there are a group of students working to change this action. If you would like to help out in any way, please feel free to comment and leave your e-mail in the comment.
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