Thursday, March 24, 2011

Family reflection

For the past few weeks (maybe months) I have been thinking a lot about family. Sure no family is perfect, and we all have our issues, but there comes a time when we have to face those issues and relax. Sometimes it takes a death in the family to bring people closer, but then we drift apart again Why is that?

For years I have seen people drift apart and it is a shame. I know I can do more to make things better, but you can only do but so much. I am fairly young and sometimes the older generation does not want to hear it. We all have to live our own lives and it hurts when you see others not as happy. In the end, all you have is family.

Is this a Latino thing? Are we that selfish that we can't apologize to each other? How does a culture that is all about family not appreciate each other? Some day we'll all laugh about the times we yelled, punched, cried and so on. But until then, stay strong and love your family.
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