Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What is it about being Latino in Philly?

Look at the Latino population in Philadelphia in the year 2000. Centralized, somewhat small and stable I guess. Now that the numbers have obviously increasesd last year, what is going to happen? Today I spoke at a Temple University class about being Latino in Philadelphia and my role in the community. It was enlightening not just to the students, but to me as well.

I talked about my experiences growing up in New Jersey but finding my true identity in Philadelphia. It wasn't until I came to Philly where I finally realized who I was and will always be. What is that? A 26 year-old New Jersey born Colombiano doing his thing in Philly (Yes the age will change). My experiences in Philly have been great and I appreciate everything that has happened. Thank you to J. Irizarry for inviting me and supporting this young professional Latino.
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