Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Where are all the Latino Greeks?

So I find it interesting that with the Latino population in the U.S.A. rising every day, Latino Greeks are pretty rare. Sure there are some universities that thrive off Latino Greeks, but from what I have recently seen (and noticed), the numbers are pretty low. It's usually rare for Latino Greeks to have lines of 10+, unlike mainstream and sometimes African-American Greeks, we usually don't understand Greek life right away? "I'm sorry you want to do not what?" <-- Yep.

In Philadelphia we have Gamma Phi Sigma, Lambda Upsilon Lambda, Sigma Lambda Upsilon, Chi Upsilon Sigma, Lambda Theta Alpha and Lambda Theta Phi. It may seem like these organizations have a a strong presence, but active undergraduate members are low. *Cue Latino admission rates in high education*

As Latino(a)s we should be mentoring these high school students and increase the admission rates. We need to show them how important it is to further their education. Some might think it is difficult to get into schools, but with the right motivation and resources, anything is possible.

Or maybe schools are just screwing over Latino Greeks. You tell me.
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