Monday, March 7, 2011

Xfinity goes for the Latinos

Philadelphia's greatest accomplishment, Comcast Corp., recently launched Xfinity TV in Spanish in an effort to increase programming available to Latinos on television, on demand and online. Go figure. The Latino TV portal,, offers Comcast digital subscribers free access to over 500 Spanish-language movies and shows. Score.

So what exactly does this mean? More Latinos jumping over to the Comcast side? This probably is good news for NBC and Telemundo since they all fall under that umbrella. If that's case, why did Comcast hire Sofia Vergara as their spokesperson? Doesn't she have an awesome show on ABC? Either way, kudos to Comcast for "finally" reaching out to the new-age Latino consumer. Maybe we'll convince our families to switch over from *cough* DirecTV.
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