Monday, April 11, 2011

Orlando wants you feliz

I currently work in the travel/tourism industry, specifically Hispanic marketing, so I'm always intrigued to see what other destinations are working on. I recently came across a print ad for Orlando and was happy to see they are indeed in the business. And by business I mean reaching out to the Hispanic traveler. Note I wouldn't have known the ad was for Orlando if it didn't say Orlando, the photo used could be from ANY destination. Egh.

First off, Orlando's unique url for Spanish visitors is It already makes me feel all tingly inside. And although Orlando is a family destination (and I have no kids nor a wife) but I was happy to see the well thought out page. It's in English and Spanish! I don't remember the last time I saw a tourist web-site in both languages, other than Chicago. And like other destination websites, Orlando provides information on hotels, attractions, calendar of events and more. Fun fact: This year's National Association of Hispanic Journalists' convention will take place in Orlando. Good choice guys.
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