Thursday, April 14, 2011

A random act of culture

As citizens of any city, we always try to find leisure activity. Whether it's a museum, walk in the park or movie, sometimes we find it hard to find something to do. I was so happy to hear about random acts of culture; not to be confused with a flash mob. The Knight Foundation focuses on promoting informed and engaged communities and what better way than engaging a community than with "random acts of culture." As shrinking audiences continue to rise (get it), we have to find more ways to get people involved with these cultural institutions. And a random act of culture is just that! Picture yourself in a mall, train stop, museum, staff meeting, etc. and out of no where you hear the opera company perform Handel or see ballet performers twiddle their toes.

Here's a fun one at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.

So as we all know Hispanics and African-Americans are more likely to attend a cultural event. Now how do you turn a random act of culture into a "acto aleatorio de cultura?"
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