Friday, April 8, 2011

Support Temple University's Interdisciplinary Programs

Change. "Even the smallest of creatures can make a difference in the world." That line is from Lord of the Rings and it can't be more true than anything I've ever heard. As you may have heard Temple University's College of Liberal Arts has decided to "restructure" certain programs. These programs of course include Latin American Studies, Women's Studies, Asian studies and LGBT studies. Notice a small trend there?

The Dean offered an explanation on the front page of the CLA website here, but there are a lot of questions still being asked. If this wasn't a budgeting issue then why the change? One commenter says, "Bizarre things, like placing Women's Studies and LGBT programs in Sociology? That is pre-1950s and an embarrassment to the entire university. What a horrible decision." So what can we do? We can most certainly take action. Take a moment to sign the online petition and make change happen.
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