Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Hispanic Choice Awards

Ugh oh, speaking of festivals, to close off the Hispanic celebrations of the year, the Philadelphia Hispanic Choice Awards (HCA) is back and what a difference. The Hispanic Choice Awards honors and celebrates Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware's Latino professionals, organizations and businesses across all sectors. Nominations are made via an online campaign and is open to the public. The HCA program highlights the meaningful collaborations and socially responsible impacts of the Latino community in the entire Delaware Valley.

This year's new (and slimmer) awards are as followed:
  • Community Advocate of the Year - "Impact" Award
  • Education Champion of the Year - "El Futuro" Award
  • Creative Artist of the Year - "Vision" Award
  • Business Person of the Year - "Trailblazer" Award
  • Corporate Partner of the Year - "Alianza" Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award - new for 2011
As you can tell, this year's show will most likely be shorter. And in all honesty, this awards show should not have been 6 hours long. The slimmer awards will make competition a little better and will surely bring out more people. Nominations can be made from today through July 14th. Winners will be announced live at the HCA's on Tuesday, October 11, 2011. Throughout the years, we've seen more and more outstanding winners announced during the event. Of course some may think it's a popularity contest, some might think of this event as a chance to award those who haven't gotten the spotlight. There are hundreds of leaders out there in the world and only a small portion get recognition. See you then.
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