Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feliz Birthday BeingLatino

Two years ago I met someone via Facebook and to this day haven't met the dude lol. However, he created an online space which has turned into something bigger than a fan page. It was in 2009 when Lance Rios took at simple fan page and created BeingLatino (BL). With countless partnerships, everyone is attempting to get a little bit of BL.

According to BL's fearless leader, Being Latino, Inc. has an administrative staff of 11 gente, nine staff writers, a 56k+ fan fase following on Facebook and has relaunched/renamed their blog as BeingLatino Online Magazine in 9/2010. Where else can they go but up right? I'm glad to have been contributing to the blog (not as much as I want to) and engaging with such a diverse group of Latinos (and then some). Sure there are others who "like" the page in order to just bash it, but what can you do. We simply cannot make everyone happy.
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