Monday, May 23, 2011

Latino festivals gear up for el verano

Now that Philly's Latino festival season has geared up, maybe we should start thinking about how difficult it is to put these events together. I don't know why I'm even blogging about this, but it's true. Imagine trying to put on a large scale event where anything can go wrong. Imagine you have a huge name coming to perform and 10 hours before the event starts, the star cancels, or worse...they don't even show up. Imagine one of the event attendees decides to pass out or get hurt? Imagine the worst because it can happen.

But nonetheless, these festivals have to go on! The media pay close attention to these celebrations of culture. When there's "drama" brewing up with participation, sponsorship and/or themes, the media only look at the negative. Yes year after year festivals try to reinvent themselves but sometimes the public agree things get repetitive. I've seen some festivals drop in attendance and some get higher. What would you want to see different? Musical talent? Contests?
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