Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Maurica hosts the Silk/Smooth Stroll Show!

Okay. So we all know who Maurica is right? Dassit! Well for some reason the Greek system has embraced her...specifically the Latino Greek world. There are many Greekstand shirts being created like CUS: Dassit and LUL: Dassit. Makes sense if you ask me. Right? If only there was a, "West Chesta! Dassit" shirt because I would buy it.

Anyway. The award for brilliant idea of the year goes to Greekster.tv. Why? Because they got Maurica to host the SILK/SMOOTH 2011 Stroll Show. So imagine a whole bunch of Latino Greeks and Maurica? I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot of YouTube videos created. In fact, if the video below is true, Phi Beta Sigma and Lambda Alpha Upsilon better watch out. Sororities? You all will probably attempt to recruit her (him). Enjoy! And I may see you there.

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