Monday, May 16, 2011

The Mayan language

The other day I was watching the documentary Cracking the Maya Code and it reminded me about the linguistic history the Mayan culture still has today. It also shed a little more light about our history as Latinos. The first portion of the documentary touched on the Spanish conquistadores and how they attempted to convert Mayans to Catholicism. Did it work? It sure did but thankfully there is something called preservation and study.

It took many hundreds of years in order to crack the code. Oddly enough it was a mix of Americans and Europeans to do this. Why weren't Mexicans or other Central/South American countries interested? Maybe it was the European influence that still prevented them from being interested. However, today the people of Southern Mexico and Central America are still true to their roots. They practice many Mayan rituals, but unfortunately cannot speak the language. With hundreds of symbols, the Mayan language is very complex. It took me a while to be able to read the Mayan calendar which unfortunately I do not remember.

In addition, our Philadelphia native friends at the Eyes Gallery recently took a trip to Guatemala to explore more of the Mayan culture in Guatemala. I'm thankful there are people (Latinos and non-alike) who preserve our ancestral culture. Are you staying true to your roots?
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