Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our cultural engagement rises

The Cultural Engagement Index (CEI) is a research tool that tracks trends in consumer cultural engagement over time in the Greater Philadelphia region. The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance (GPCA) has released the results of the second CEI survey which finds an 11% increase in cultural engagement since the last survey in 2008. So what does this exactly mean? Um only that the Philly region is more engaged in cultural activities than the national average.

AWESOME ALERT. The study found that engagement levels in African-Americans and Hispanics increased more overtime than the average bear...aka caucasians. So what is it that we do that has us more engaged? Well there are the obvious cultural festivals like the West Oak Lane Jazz Festival, Puerto Rican Day Parade, Hispanic Fiesta, Global Fusion and because we find reason to promote our own culture in dance/music among other things.

So what do you do with this research? Well you take it and promote it and this most definitely puts Philly on the map (even more) as a cultural city. I'm sure organizations will apply for grants and maybe some nice arts & culture conventions will want Philly to bid to be host city. Time will tell. So go out and get cultured...let me know how it goes :).
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