Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Q' Viva our culture. Que viva Marc & Jennifer

How did I know that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthonys' American Idol collaboration was not just coincidental but it was a plot to bring alive their own talent show. Q'Viva: The Chosen is probably what Latinos around the globe need...our own show celebrating our passion and our love for what we do best. The best part is that the show is not a contest, it's just a celebration of our talent. Anyone can enter!

“This is a show for the 21st century with an unprecedented global and local story. The Latin culture is a tapestry that is rich in passion, tradition and artistry," says Lopez. "We are going to places where all of this talent lives and wouldn’t have otherwise been discovered. This journey for me and Marc is going be exciting and groundbreaking."

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