Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Today: MQS made history

Getting involved with politics was never in my best interests. I just never thought it was necessary for me as a young leader to get into the "nitty gritty." However, after helping about Maria Q. Sanchez a few years ago and getting to know her better, it was obvious that I needed to get more involved.

Over the last few years I got to know her better and started to realized that no matter what career path you take, politics will be right there knocking on your door. Earlier this evening, Maria made history (again) and won her re-election as 7th District city councilwoman. It was a great feeling not only being part of the celebration but helping out in any way I could.

I'm not one to canvas nor knock on doors but through little writings here and day-of canvasing there, I was happy to help. I noticed there were people on voting day standing outside canvasing for 10+ hours which I give much credit too. The few hours I was able to commit may not have been as much, but I was happy to be there. Tonight, I celebrated with hundreds of supporters and voters. Here's to more years to come MQS! Pa' lante.
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