Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Facebook comments of the day

So I remember I used to blog about Tweets of the Day, but now I figured I'd give Facebook comments a chance. Considering you have more liberty to comment on ANYTHING, it should seem a lot more interesting. However, I will have to refrain from putting screen grabs or from mentioning who wrote the comment. Remember, Facebook can indeed ruin lives and friendships. Enjoy!
  • "The drop our rate is highest for Puerto Rican and African American Youth in Philadelphia. According to the SRC and a Report our of UofPenn the drop rate is the highest in the nation at 60%. @cindy your correct - there is over 300 million dollars each year poured into North Philly each year. Where is it?"

  • ‎...I was asked if I was a socialist! Im lol-ing...aren't you?

  • Philadelphia Schools Will Close Early Due To Excessive Heat

  • I remember when I was in college I used to seamlessly navigate through every racial and ethnic clique:Muslim, Jewish, Black, White, and Latino. The dynamics of each group was surprisingly similar and surprisingly each hated the other and were vocal about it. I was welcomed in all. Yet, I was always asked"why do you hang out with those people?"And I always responded "because they're good people just like you are."
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