Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Facebook comments on a humid day

Today was just a horrible day. Well not all that bad considering I got to see Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon thanks to @July4thPhilly! Anyways, anytime it gets hot we see a sudden change in Facebook and Twitter statuses. In fact any crazy weather will change a mood or two. I come across some crazy statuses but it's always great to see some nice ones. Enjoy today's Facebook statuses del dia!

  • "just got the sudden urge to dance salsa/bachata...i need to find a partner ASAP"
  • "Esta es una abuela feliz. Dios ha bendecido a mis hijas y yo he completado dos nietos y dos nietas. Cada una tiene su pareja de herederos!"
  • "Officially bored in 3..2..1.."
  • "Pernil, chicken, pasta, rice & more plus an afterparty at Turtle Bay...Its so good I can't even handle it!"
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