Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jarritos in a box

My friends over at Jarritos Nation sent me a little package and I was excited indeed. Not just because I love getting mail but unfortunately this 100 degree weather is a disturbance in all our lives. The package brought two (2) delightful Mexican Cola sodas; a new Jarritos flavor. Sure I don't normally drink soda, but sometimes supporting a Latino business can go a long way. It reminded me of "cola champagne" and Dr. Pepper (note I do NOT like Dr. Pepper).

Wondering where you can find these flavors? Off the top of my head you can get them at the gelatto place in the Piazza as well as the restaurant around the corner, Que Chula es Puebla. Feel free to let me know where else!

P.S. Follow Jarritos Nation for some fun prizes.

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