Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Our education is important

Is it me or do Latinos tend to not do the following: Pursue advanced educational degrees, pursue a career in education. For the past few weeks I've pondered those two things. Quick fact, only 7% of Teach for America's new teachers/staff were Latino. Not to say this doesn't mean Latinos don't become teachers, but I think the number should be a little higher. I certainly thought about teaching while in college but like a lot of students, I changed my mind.

With programs like Education Nation and El Poder de Saber, students should be able to have access to all the necessities in order to improve their education. Unfortunately in Pennsylvania and I'm sure in other states, education doesn't seem to be important. And if I'm not mistaken, tomorrow there will most certainly be a rally against budget cuts in City Hall at noon. Teachers are getting fired left and right yet more money is being put into prisons. ::awkward silence:: I've heard countless reasons why politicians go this route but I'll let it be for right now.

I can say I am interested in pursuing my master's degree. Where you ask? Can't really say right now but I am looking into a couple of schools. Study what Eric? I want to continue my writing so if your school has a writing program by all means comment on this post :). I do want to emphasize journalism and maybe even public relations. I mean hey it's my career path right?
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