Monday, June 27, 2011

Our youth: The Sandlot

Remember la pelicula The Sandlot? It's definitely one of those movies that brings back so many memories. I think anyone my age should have seen it at least five times...well most of us. The Sandlot was one of those "memorable quote" movies and actually taught some good lessons.

The best part of the movie I realized today was that there was never ever a reference to any culture. Sure the main character was Puerto Rican...or maybe Dominican; either way, the move was more about friendship and believing in others. Each character was very different yet the same throughout the entire movie.

So what if they ever made a remake? Would they use today's movie stars or create new ones? I personally wouldn't want anyone to create a new Sandlot. I think the originality would be changed and made into some some "teen wolf" type pelicula with texting and Facebook. Do you want a new Sandlot for today's kids?
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