Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This is for them...for colored girls

Sure I'm late but I finally saw For Colored Girls. What seems to be a movie about nine regular women with nine regular lives turns into a twist and turn of anger, deception, death and everything in between. Add poetry and a crazy transitions and you get a movie everyone should see. Sure it makes men look like pieces of crap but you have to feel for the nine women.

Usually movies with too many well-known celebrities aren't that great but with the help of Tyler Perry, this just defeats all the odds. Janet Jackson, Kerry Washington, Whoopi Goldberg and Kimberly Elise are just some of the few names which pop up. The most tragic story comes from Elise; putting up with a crazy, abusive wannabe husband while working for the man aka Ms. Jackson, a self-hating magazine publisher. So why should we feel for these colored girls? Look in the mirror and tell yourself, "What if this happened to me? It is happening to me."

While watching you the movie you have to think, this really isn't about African-American women (well yeah it is). You should be looking at it through the bigger picture. Think of struggling women everywhere who are born into poverty, religion, wealth; all of this does not matter because at some point in their lives, it can all change. Man, woman, child, black, white, Latina...let's think about our future and how we can better ourselves.
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