Monday, July 11, 2011

This weekend's Global festival

A little over a month ago the Multicultural Affairs Congress announced this year's Global Fusion Week & Festival theme, "Carnival." Today launched day one of a week's worth of events and I must say they are some exciting events coming up. There are up to almost four events everyday including networking events and salsa lessons. I mean who doesn't love free salsa lessons? As far as a musical line up is concerned we have J-King and Maximan. I bet you're asking, "Who?" Well they were originally a part of Casa de Leones! Want more? Well Brenda K. Starr is bound to make us believe again in her music. Yes...Brenda K. Starr.

See you this weekend at Penn's Landing! Last year I honestly had a blast. Not just because En Vouge, Huey Dunbar and other artists performed; but also because a friend decided to go "fan crazy." But I have to give it up to her; she got Dawn from En Vouge to say, "I love you too." :-)
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