Tuesday, August 2, 2011

El hombre araña

So news to me...Peter Parker the original Spider-Man was killed in June?! This comes as a shock considering the new film is to be release next year. Granted this is only the "ultimate" universe and not the Marvel universe but still...to mix up story lines and kill our childhood characters is crazy. Well to add to the craziness, according to an article in NewsOne, the new Spider-Man in Marvel Comics’ Ultimate universe is a half-black, half-Hispanic teen named Miles Morales, revealed in a new issue released Wednesday.

What does this say? It must mean the system is working. Although the Census revealed the correct numbers, people already knew Latinos were here and a huge buying power. From what my brother tells me, the "ultimate" universe is meant to be geared towards the younger audience. So it's natural that the next Spider-Man be a multicultural kid. Do we see an all star minority comic book cast? Anyways, thank you Marvel for paying attention...at least you are. :)
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